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Egusi also known as “Citrullus Lanatus”. It is a melon that looks exactly like watermelon on the outside. But completely different on the inside. It has a rather bitter white flesh and seeds. It grows wildly in warm, arid regions of Africa and Asia.

The people of “Nigeria” and the “Congo” call it wild watermelon.  It is also called Egusi melon or Ibara.  The Egusi seeds taste almost like pumpkin seeds.

Protein Rich Egusi Seeds

Egusi seeds is another source of protein.  Authorities disagree whether the word is used more properly for the seeds of the colocynth, those of a particular large-seeded variety of the watermelon, or generically for those of any cucurbitaceous plant. Because the characteristics and uses of all these seeds are broadly similar.

Egusi is also rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C and alpha-tocopherol, a component of vitamin E. This alpha-tocopherol help to maintain young-looking skin and good fertility.

It is made up of 30 – 40 % protein, and about the same proportion of fat/oil. 78 % of the fat  is unsaturated, therefore free of cholesterol.  And also as a result it is a good protection for  the heart.

Most of all, it also contains palmitic like stearic, linoleic and also oleic acids. Finally, it also contains a very small amount of carbohydrate and calcium.

Another Egusi Soup

3 pounds goat meat
1 cup dried crayfish*
2 cups melon seed, ground*
1 tea spoon dried red pepper, ground or crushed
2 table spoons salt
1 chopped onion
3 table spoons of palm oil*
chopped bitter leaf*, (other option, spinach or kale)
and also 7 cups water


First of all, dice meat in small pieces. Place diced meat in skillet
Add water, onion, salt and boil for 15 to 20 minutes
Add ground melon seed.  and remaining ingredients, stir slowly
Cook for 10 more minutes. And finally, serve with eba or gari. You can also have it with Poundo Iyan. In conclusion, the best Nigerian dish.

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Whole Egusi Seeds