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It is a daily meal to some 150 million people world wide. It is one of the most popular food in West Africa.  It can be eaten with cold water  and also cooked in a dough form like eba.  It is also popular in Ghana, Sierra Leone and many other parts of Africa.

It is a fine to coarse granular flour.  The texture of the Gari varies from crops to crops.  These crops are also called cassava roots.  Once harvested, cleaned, grated and finally  squeezed out of the water. And then, it is fermented.  And then fried. It is fried with or without palm oil.  It is a major staple food in West Africa.

However, it is low in protein and other nutrients. In contrast, cassava leaves are a good source of protein.  It is rich in lysin,  but low in the amino acid methionine and possibly tryptophan. It is the most flour in Africa. In Nigeria it is used to make

How to make Eba

Add gari into a bowl or pot of boiling water. Sprinkle the Gari gently. Stir Garri into dough. Add more water until desired texture is reached.

Store in a cool. Store in dry place.

Nutritional Value

It is full in starch. Also it has very high fibre content. Also contains proteins and some essential vitamins.

The high fibre content makes it very filling.  And also it reduces the riskx of constipation and bowel diseases.

Where to buy cassava granules

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Note: Finally, to make eba, the fine grains are great.It gives you a better result.  For the use of cassava granules as a drink. The larger grains are fine and ideal for this purpose. Only the white cassava granules can be drank with cold water.

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Ijebu Gari, Yellow Gari, Ghana Gari