Platanos – Slightly Salted Green Plantain Stripes (90g) Box of 20

Plantain (Musa Paradisiaca) is a tropical fruit belonging to the same family of the banana. It is nutritionally high in Potassium, Energy and low in Cholesterol. The process in making this natural plantain crisps is similar to that of potato crisps.

INGREDIENTS: Green Plantain Stripes, Vegetable Oil and Antioxidant Salt (salt, citric acid, antioxidant mixture (BHA and BHT) and propylene glycol food grade).

NUTRITION FACTS: Saturated Fat 2g (10%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Sodium 55mg (2%), Dietary Fibre 2g (10%), Protein 1g,Vitamin C (0%), Potassium (6%),Calcium (0%), Iron (6%)

Gluten Free


Platanos – Love at First Bite with the Green Plantain Strips

As hungry mind always looks for something to eat, no matter what the taste of that food is!! The situation was something similar with me when I discover the Platanos Green Plantain Crisps for the first time in South London. I was so much desperate to eat something and was looking for a sandwich to eat; luckily I found my love the Plantain snack which was still my fist love of the trip. I couldn’t believe how tasty they were and so it set a path to my never ending love.

Great Tasty Snack

Well you might be thinking of what happened to the sandwich which I was looking for? This Green Plantain Strips was much tastier so I had it twice to end my hunger. The Green Plantain Strips are exactly the way they describe them and offer the 3 best qualities which most of the potato crisps fail to offer:

  • Every single piece sounds crispy
  • Delicious from start till end
  • Gluten free and addictive
  • Moreover, the Platanos Green Plantain Strips are the thinnest. They are not as thick as other plantain crisps, they crumple easily in your mouth, are so much crunchy and their exotic aspect will make you dream like that you are in the beaches of the Caribbean.
  • If you care for your health, the Platanos Green Plantain Strips not only offer you good taste, but they also have huge amount of nutritional values such as Vitamins A & B and potassium. You can also enjoy the Platanos Green Plantain Stripsat your lunch time or you can try them with your favourite chicken sandwich or even when working at home as an afternoon snack with your favourite herbal tea. The Platanos Green Plantain Strips go perfectly with almost everything.
  • At the end I would just say one thing eat burger, eat sandwich but think twice, are they really beneficial to your health. So why not try something new and tastier which will not only overcome your hunger but also keep you healthy and fit.


Weight 2.8 kg