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African Peanuts

African Peanuts or groundnuts are rich in monounsaturated fats.  Also the type of fat that is emphasized in the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet.

Roasted Peanuts,  in Nigeria roasted groundnut is also a popular with roasted plantain (Boli or Bole as it is called) , garri (cassava granules) etc.

Ingredients for Roasted Groundnut Soup

500g raw peeled groundnuts (peanuts)
Assorted meat and fish. I use:
Shaki (cow tripe)
Dry fish
Stock fish
Palm Oil
A small bunch of Nigerian Pumpkin leaves or 6 cubes Frozen Spinach or Bitterleaf
2 tablespoons ground crayfish
2 big stock cubes
Salt & ground dry cayenne pepper: to taste
Notes about the ingredients

Cooking Directions for African Peanuts

First of all, start cooking the shaki first because of its toughest meat in the bunch. Always keep water to the same level as the contents of the pot and top it up as you cook.
When the shaki starts to curl, add the dry fish and stockfish.
When the shaki is almost done, add beef and stock cubes and cook till all the meat and fish are well done.
Add crayfish, salt and pepper and boil
Transfer the meat and fish to another pot/container leaving the stock in the pot.
Add ground groundnuts and stir very well till there are no lumps. Reduce the heat to very low and start cooking.
Stir every 5 minutes and top up the water if necessary. This mixture burns easily so watch it closely and stir as often as necessary.
Cook till a thin film of clear oil appears on the surface. This should take about 15 minutes. Add palm oil and stir very well.
Add the beef and fish, stir and cook on low heat till it boils.  If you prefer it with vegetables in your soup.

Finally, add the vegetables, stir and leave to simmer.