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Asiko Beans Powder

Beans Powder

Beans Powder

Asiko Beans Powder

Asiko beans powder is not just another beans powder. It is made from cleaned, peeled beans. Then, the beans are milled into powder. They are also used in dishes such as moi-moi and also Akara.

What is Moimoi

Asiko Beans Powder Good for your Moimoi

Moimoi is a rich steamed beans cake eaten in Nigeria and beyond.As a result, it is eaten with Ogi.  It can also be eaten with Jollof rice or on its own. Moimoi is a versatile dish. It is a good combination to have with your meals. It can be eaten as a starter.  It is a good source of protein.  Also, it is the perfect weight losing meal with good filling effect.

It is also known as steamed beans pudding, or bean sponge cake.  To make Moimoi, first of all, soaked, peeled and blended your beans. Add blended fresh pepper, onion,tomatoes, and seasonings. Soaked beans preferably overnight. Finally, remove skin and blend.

Rather than going through this laborious method, buy Asiko Beans Powder. Since it ready made for you. No soaking. No peeling. Furthermore, you will save time and also money. Customers can buy your this product in our webshop. Asiko Beans Powder is ready made for your dishes- Customers can buy this product in our webshop.

Asiko Beans Powder – How to make Akara

•2 Cups Brown Beans
•3 Chili pepper “Shombo” – Optional
•2 Red bell pepper
•2 Scotch bonnet pepper
•1 small Red onion
•2 Seasoning cubes , Crushed
•Salt to taste
•Vegetable oil/palm oil
 Blender Method of removing beans skin
Another easy and simple way to wash your beans.  Rather than washing them by hand, put them into a blender. Spin for about 5 minutes.  Probably, it is the safest method to peel your beans. Therefore preventing the beans from breaking. Finally, remove skin from beans. Also wash beans.