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African Cuisine | Poundo Iyan


Poundo Iyan is a popular Nigerian dish made from yam flour. It is a staple food in Nigeria and is commonly eaten by various ethnic groups across the country.

African Peanuts | African Snack



Asiko Cassava Flour Great Africans Foods


Cassava belongs to the root and tuber crops family, such as potatoes or yams. Cassava roots are similar in shape to sweet potatoes. In many countries, people also consume the leaves of the cassava plant.

Cassava flou

Asiko Plantain Crisps UK | Ipekere Aladun


Plantain chips are usually spherical or elongated-shaped. The colour is usually golden yellow. Plantain chips mostly gluten free and offer more vitamins A and C than potato chips, both vitamins help keep your skin healthy and help keep your immune system free of infection. Vitamin A also plays a role in low-light vision, while vitamin C’s antioxidant function protects your tissues from damage.

Basmati | Setara Golden Sella Rice | African Foods


Basmati Rice with a distinct aroma and unique flavour associated with it. Setara Golden Basmati rice has been specially sourced from the part of Punjab which is famous for producing long grain Basmati Rice which has its own unique aroma.

Basmati Rice For Your African Cuisine


Golden Sella Basmati Rice is basmati rice that has been parboiled (partially boiled). The rice is ever so slightly cooked to ensure that all of the nutrients are retained in each grain After this process, the rice turns “golden”, hence the name Golden Sella

Beans Flour African Foods


Fantastic for baking, as a thickener for sauces and gravies, and a great base for dips and soups, Asiko Beans Flour is made from ground split black eye beans and is vegan-friendly! Enjoy

Best African Foods | Swallow Food |Alademarket


Is a popular in Nigeria food and many other countries all over the world. We are talking about Semovita which is commonly used for making pastes and served with African soups.

Best African Foods Ground Hot Pepper


Brand: Asiko House of Foods

Size: 70 g

Dried grounded hot pepper

It provides the hot spicy feel common to most African dishes

Can be used in a variety of dishes while (and after) cooking

Best Egusi Seeds Africans Foods


Ground egusi is obtained when egusi seeds are grounded. The seeds of Egusi are obtained from the Egusi gourd, which is very similar to watermelon. Unlike the  watermelon, the fruits of Egusi squash are bitter and inedible. These pumpkins are cultivated primarily for their seeds, which are similar in size to small pumpkin seeds and have a slightly more creamy flavour.