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Ola Tropical Plantain Crisps | African Food Market

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Ola Tropical Plantain Crisps

Ola  – a real alternative to the potato crisps

Movie Night wouldn’t be the same without Ola for its smoothness, crunchiness and his naturally sweet nature.

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A handful of this mouth watering crisps is guaranteed to take you to heaven.

We all need a little indulgence from time to time and our Plantain Crisps is your favourite brand.

Alademarket takes a unique approach to its ecommerce site.

We simply have a banner and link (order food online UK) to the company’s different Plantain Crisps and snacks.

Asiko House of Foods Ltd is manufacturer, retailer, and wholesaler of Asiko Plantain Crisps and many Traditional African Food.  Ola  is a new arrival to the Asiko Family of Plantain Crisps.


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Same Day Snack Delivery

In addition to the Asiko Slightly Salted, the Asiko Chili Flavour and the Asiko Naturally Sweet all located in a South London in our wharehouse.

Ola Crisps is another Plantain Crisps   r ecommerce site to sell everything from its African grocery store online.

asiko plantain crisps.jpeg

Ola Tropical Plantain Crisps

What is Plantain Crisps?

Plantain crisps is a snack made by taking thinly sliced pieces of a plantain fruit and frying them in vegetable oil or palm oil, salt, etc.

The fibre and starch found in plantains are complex carbs.

Where to Buy Plantain Crisps?  Learn more about Ola

Snack Delivery




Ripe Plantain, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Chili

Plantain Crisps UK

asiko plantain crisps.jpeg

Ola Tropical Plantain Crisps

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