Our mission is to deliver the best quality of African products to our customers

http://www.asikofoods.comIn the first place, alademarket is the sister online company of Asiko House of Foods Ltd.  Futhermore, Asiko is indeed an international company, based in the United Kingdom. 

Actually, we aim to become a leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of snacks and African foods.

We process and package many products in our state of the art factory. We have Ijebu and yellow Gari. We have a massive stock tropical peanuts. 

Also a huge amount of Nigerian Beans and Beans Powder. For your African dried African herbs. We have an enormous quantity of dried fish. In addition, we create employment for our local community..

Besides, our mission would be to bring the world of exotic plantain crisps to Europe.  In fact, we would like to satisfy the needs of the general public. 

Certainly!  Enjoying a bag of Asiko plantain crisps is a simple pleasure that many people find delightful.

Whether you prefer the chili flavour, or any other flavour, the plantains crisps can be a satisfying snack to indulge in.The crispy texture, combined with the savoury taste, can provide a moment of crunch-filled enjoyment.

So go ahaed, open that bag, a savour each flavourful crisps as you relax and treat yourself to a well deserved  snack. Remember to take your time, appreciate the flavour and enjoy the moment.

As well, we have the following to offer our customers


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With our range natural plantain crisps, cassava crisps, etc., we believe, you should bid farewell to other none natural snacks. We can assure you that your first taste of our delicious exotic plantain crisps will not be the last.