Asiko Best Beans Flour

Asiko Beans Flour

Beans flour is made from beans which have been cleaned, peeled and milled to a fine flour. It is used for the preparation of dishes such as moi-moi and akara.

Moimoi is a rich steamed beans cake eaten all over Nigeria and beyond. It is often served with ogi or custard, can be eaten with jolloff rice or on its own. It is truly a delicious combination with most meals. Rich in protein, it is the perfect weight loosing meal with good filling effect.

Also refered to steamed beans pudding, or bean sponge cake, moimoi is made from soaked, peeled and blended brown beans. To this is added blended fresh pepper, onion, plus or minus tomatoes, and seasonings.

The brown beans is first soaked preferably overnight, the skin removed, and then blended.

With Asiko Beans flour, you do not have to spend time soaking your or blending i the beans. You can buy your Asiko Beans Flur with us at



Weight 1.5 kg

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