Where Can You Find Great Nigerian Coconut Candy


Coconut candy is a chewable, crunchy Nigerian snack and are easy to make snacks.

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Coconut Candy – African Snacks

This Nigerian Coconut Candy is a treat in many African and Caribbean countries.

Furthermore, everyone improvise to their own recipe,, and again all depend where you come from.

Beside, in certain countries, sweet caramel with a touch of lemon juice, fresh coconut, and water are all that it takes to make this snack.

Equally you can add other ingredients too. Finally, families prefer the simple recipe..

We use grate fresh coconut for this Nigerian Coconut Candy. The coconut in this natural form is very moist and unsweetened.

Equally, a desiccated coconut recipe exist too. Equally, it is pretty much the same as this coconut candy recipe, but given the very dry texture of desiccated coconut.

Importantly this dried coconut clumps together with just the condensed milk. Next use a little more coconut for a thicker candy.

How to make coconut candy

Furthermore, the cooking looks really dry. just add half a cup of full fat milk to rehydrate it, so that it will clump together and increase the cooking time.

Finally the Coconut Candy is a chewable, crunchy snack. Nor too difficult to make. It is made with grated/shredded coconuts and granulated sugar.


Let’s Make Coconut Candy.  You will need:


* Coconut meat/flesh or 1 medium coconut


* White Granulated or brown sugar cane


* Water


Break the coconut and pry out the white flesh. Grate the coconut flesh and set aside.

Combine the water and sugar in a pot and boil on medium heat. Without stirring.

As the mixture begins to look thicker and the colour changes to a very light brown.

Reduce the heat.

Keep on stirring until the mixture is brown in colour

Transfer the coconut candy into a tray, spread it out and leave to cool a bit.


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Coconut Candy


10 x 4 balls,  1 x 4 balls