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Try our New Eko Suya Meat

Are you bored with the taste of the meat which you eat every now and then? You need not to worry anymore as the taste of your old meat has changed now. Because now, we have Eko Suya meat which is tastier, healthy and cholesterol free.

At Alademarket, we make fresh Eko Suya from scratch every day. The reason behind that is simple. We want every of our customer to enjoy a better and fresher of the meat.  So we think it will taste better that way.

They are delicious, spicy.  And the special thing about them is the mixture of ingredients added in them. They are made with the following ingredients
• Beef
• Paprika
• Onion Powder
• Asiko Suya Mix
• Cayenne Pepper

Delicious Mouthwatering Suya

Apart from the above ingredients, our chefs put hours and efforts to produce these delicious snacks. Making them delicious for you. And you will always have great feeling when you will put every single piece in your mouth.
Our delicious succulent Eko Suya are diced by hand, then marinated and in the end seasoned in a rich Asiko Suya Mix.

We are sure that the delicious and spicy taste of our Eko Suya will let you say words like Yumm and Waooo! And it is almost impossible to eat them without licking your finger. Just try it once and we guarantee that you will love eating this ideal snack again and again.

At alademarket, our Chef make our Eko Suya from scratch because we think they taste better that way. We dice the meat by hand, then season it with a rich Asiko Suya Mix.

They are delicious, spicy.  And finally, it is impossible to eat them without licking your fingers.

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