Frozen Ewedu



Ewedu in Nigerian cuisine, especially amongst the Yorubas, it is commonly used in a stew, a condiment to other starch-based foods such as amala. In Northern Nigeria they use it to cook a sauce called (Miyan Ayoyo) which is commonly served with Tuwon Masara or Tuwon Allebo.

In Ghana, it is mostly eaten by the people in the North and it is very popular. It is mostly eaten with Tuozaafi (food prepared with cornflour).

In Sierra Leone it is is cooked as stew. The stew is usually eaten with rice or foofoo (a traditional food made from cassava).

Jute leaves are also consumed among the Luhya people of Western Kenya. It is eaten with starchy foods like ugali, a staple for most communities in Kenya. 

Ingredients For Cooking Ewedu Soup

The following are what you need to cook Ewedu soup. Some of these are optional as you do not need to add them to get the perfect Ewedu that draws and produce the attractive green colour we love.

  • Ewedu leaves
  • A dash of potash (Optional)
  • Locust beans (Optional )
  • Cray fish (Optional )
  • Salt
  • Water (Depending on the quantity of Ewedu you want to cook)

Step by Step Method of Preparing Ewedu

The following are the steps involved in cooking one of the most famous Nigerian draw soups.

  • Ensure you pick your leaves properly, wash the picked leaves with clean water and drain the water.
  • Add water to your cooking pot and place on cooker (Low heat)
  • Add a dash of potash to the water to help soften the leaves.
  • As the water boils up under low heat, add your Jute leaves
  • Cook for about 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Avoid colour discolouration.
  • Take it off the fire and use a blender or broom to whisk it.
  • After it had been properly whisked, place back on cooker, add a pinch of salt, locust bean and crayfish as you would prefer.
  • Cook for a minute or two….YOUR SOUP IS DONE AND READY TO BE SERVED.
Weight 8 kg

Frozen Ewedu


400g x 20