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The seeds which will enhance your sauce and give them a great and memorable taste.

Ogbono Seeds (Bush Mango)

Ogbono seeds are part of a fruit called Irvingia gabonensis, also known as African mango, wild mango, bush mango, or dika.

It is from Central and West Africa as well as South East Asia.

Ogbono seeds have become the latest hype in the health industry.
And according to Dr.Mehmet Oz (a popular health practitioner), it could help in lowering cholesterol and aid weight loss.
Several studies have also shown that this seed has several health benefits, which of course includes weight loss.

Ogbono Soup Recipe

Meat – Oxtail, stew beef, tripe, and kpomo (cow skin) are excellent choices for this flavorful soup. Just omit the meat if you prefer all fish.
  1. Smoked Fish – This ingredient is my favourited for ogbono soup. The original surf and turf dish with a lovely smokiness thrown in.
  2. Ogbono – The flavorful star of this show is packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s also what turns this stew into a draw. You can find ogbono seeds under different aliases (apon, etima, odika, dika, and mbukpap uyo). While you can’t substitute ogbono seeds, egusi and okra come close. For the signature slime, double the okra.
  3. Red Palm Oil – Making a paste with oil and ogbono dissolves lumps and mixes the ogbono thoroughly into the soup for easier cooking.
  4. Crayfish – It’s another seafood flavouring for kicking this soup up a level or two on the flavor scale. Grinding dried crayfish also doubles as a thickener. If you can’t find it, dried shrimp works as well.
  5. Chicken Bouillon – Intensify the soup’s flavour with bouillon. If you make your own bone broth concentrate, this is an excellent opportunity to use it.
  6. Greens – Ramp up this already highly nutritious stew with spinach, collard greens, kale, or callaloo (African greens). But you can leave them out if you prefer.


Ogbono Whole, Ogbono Ground


70g x 10, 70g x 1