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Pack size: 1.5, 4.5 kg

Asiko Blackeye Beans are small light brown beans which are used in many dishes like Moin-moin and Gbegiri soup


Black Eye Beans 

Blackeye Beans are a type of legume that contain many nutrients, including vitamin A, folate, and manganese.

They also contain high amounts of fiber, which can aid digestion and feed beneficial gut bacteria.

Blackeyed Beans are a type of legume. They are actually perfect for your Blackeye Beans Recipe.

They are related to cowpeas, or goat peas. Historically, they originate in West Africa, but they grow in warm regions around the globe.

This Ingredient is Good for Aiding Digestion

Black-eyed peas can help improve digestion for some people due to their fibre content, which can help promote regular bowel movements.

This Blackeye Beans Recipe may be particularly helpful for those who experience occasional constipation.

According to a 2012 meta-analysisTrusted.  Source, a higher dietary fiber intake can help people with constipation have more frequent bowel movements.

Black-eyed peas get their name from their appearance. They are cream in colour with a little black speck that resembles an eye in the centre, outlining where they were once attached to pods.

As with other types of beans, people can purchase them canned or dried.

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Store in a Cool Dry Place

Nutritional profile

This legume is a good source of complex carbohydrates, fibre, and many essential vitamins and minerals. 1 cup of cooked black-eyed peas, or 165 grams (g), contains:

160 calories

0.6 g fat

33.5 g carbs

5.2 g protein

8.3 g fiber

5.3 g of sugar

10% of the daily value (DV) for iron

16% of the DV for calcium

15% of the DV for potassium

20% of the DV for magnesium

24% of the DV for copper

15% of the DV for zinc

52% of the DV for folate

44% of the DV for vitamin A

37% of the DV for vitamin K

41% of the DV for manganese

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