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Plantain Crisps  Mild Chilli Flavour | Alademarket

Good – The Asiko Plantain Crisps were simply fantastic. Alademarket has the best brand to offer. The plantain snack which I ordered had the perfect amount of crisps and were sprinkled with the right amount of sea salt.

In addition to these plantain crisps are features with two types of resistant starch which feeds the bacteria in your gut. I eat roughly six bags of these Asiko fruity snacks every week and I simple LOVE EATING THEM!! YUMM

Good Substitute to the Old Potato Crisps

Well, the Asiko snacks can be eaten with almost anything. They are not only a good substitute to the old potato chips, but they fit into my paleo diet perfectly. I started eating one packet of Asiko plantain crips a day, but now I am regularly eating them on a daily basis. Low in fat, low in sodium, high in potassium and rich in vitamin A & C, the Asiko Plantain chips have much more to offer than your regular old potato Chips.

What is Plantain

Plantain (Musa Paradisiaca) is a tropical fruit belonging to the same family as banana. It is nutritionally high in Potassium, Energy and low in Cholesterol. The process in making this natural plantain chips is similar to that of potato chips.

INGREDIENTS: Selected ripe plantain, vegetable oil, chilli.

NUTRITION FACTS: Energy (327kcal),Protein (1.7g), Carbohydrate of which saturated (48.4g), Saturated fat (12,6g), Monounsaturates (6.2g), Polyunsaturates (1.5mg), Dietary fibre (4.1g), Sodium (0.14g), Calcium (17%), Vitamin C (2.94%), Iron (2.6%).


  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Gluten Free

Best Plantain Crisps Ever

Usually, I don’t leave any review or comments regarding any product, but these Asiko Plantain Crisps forced me to do that. Such an amazing taste and loaded with awesome features.

Moreover, anyone can afford buying Plantain. Thanks,  Alademarket for making me habitual of plantain chips. Thanks once again!.

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