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Plantain chips can be eaten alone and can be eaten with dipping sauces. Some delicious dips that plantain chips can be eaten with are roasted jalapeno vegan queso, Costa Rican black bean dip, white bean dip with avocado and cilantro, and cinnamon peanut butter dip. You can also use ketchup.

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What Is Plantain Crisps?

Usually, I do not leave any review or comments regarding any product, but these Bmac Plantain Crisps UK forced me to do that.

Such an amazing taste and loaded with awesome features.

More over anyone can afford buying these Plantain crisps.

Finally, thanks to Alademarket for making me habitual of this plantain crisps UK.

In conclusion the snack is part of my five fruits a day. Thanks once again!.

The  Bmac Crisps has Three Flavours:

  • Slightly Salted
  • Chili Flavour
  • Naturally Sweet

They are boxed in 30 x 75g

An ideal treat for snack lovers.

Good Substitute to the Old Potato Chips

Well, the Bmac snacks can also be eaten with almost anything.

They are not only a good substitute to the old potato chips, also they fit into my paleo diet perfectly.

First of all, I started eating one packet of chips a day, now I am regularly eating them on a daily basis.

Low in fat, low in sodium, high in potassium and rich in vitamin A & C, this snack has much more to offer than your regular old potato Chips.  

Probably the best snacks around

Where to Buy Bmac Crisps ?


Selected unripe plantain, vegetable oil. salt.


Energy (327kcal),Protein (1.7g), Carbohydrate of which saturated (48.4g), Saturated fat (12,6g), Monounsaturates (6.2g), Polyunsaturates (1.5mg), Dietary fibre (4.1g), Sodium (0.14g), Calcium (17%), Vitamin C (2.94%), Iron (2.6%).

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Weight1.50 kg

Chili, Salted, Sweet


60g x 24