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  • Elubo (Yam Flour) | African Foods


    Yams are edible tubers (such us potatoes or sweet potatoes) cultivated mainly in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Asia and Oceania. Yam flesh can be white, yellow, pink or purple and the taste ranges from sweet to bitter or it can even be tasteless. The skin is quite thick resembling three bark

  • Gari Food | (Cassava Granules) | Africans Foods


    Asiko produces 3 types of gari: traditional, yellow and Ijebu.

    • White Gari has a coarse grain.
    • Yellow Gari has a coarse grain and has been fried with palm oil to achieve the yellow colour.
    • Ijebu Gari has a fine grain and a more sour flavour than White and Yellow Gari.
  • Peeled Beans | African Foods


    Asiko Peeled Beans have a smooth texture and are delicious when mixed with other vegetables or cooked together with rice.

  • Plantain Crisps UK | Bmac Crisps


    Plantain chips can be eaten alone and can be eaten with dipping sauces. Some delicious dips that plantain chips can be eaten with are roasted jalapeno vegan queso, Costa Rican black bean dip, white bean dip with avocado and cilantro, and cinnamon peanut butter dip. You can also use ketchup.

  • Tomato Paste for African Eats Cuisine


    For use as a cooking ingredient, please refer to your recipe guide.
    Keep in a cool dry place.
    Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 2-3 days