Where Can You Find This Fabulous Semovita


Is a popular in Nigeria food and many other countries all over the world. We are talking about Semovita which is commonly used for making pastes and served with African soups.


Nigeria Swallow Dish

Swallow dish is a brand name of one many soft great  Nigeria swallow dish in Nigeria.

Furthermore, it is delicious and rich in vitamins too and also minerals. Finally, tithe Swallow Food is is  from high quality premium wheat. It is nutritious, healthy and importantly help the digestive system

In addition it goes with any type of soup.  Semovita is a smooth, mouldable, easy to cook and swallow.

It is a brand name of one  many soft great foods swallow food in Nigeria. It is a delicious food, rich in vitamins and minerals well known in Africa.

How To Make Nigeria Sallow Foods?

All you will need for this recipe is semovita, a wooden spatula that you will need to stir the pot, a bowl, a cup and water.

There are different ways of making this recipe. Let’s look at one.

To begin place a clean pot with 500ml of cold water and leavie it to boil on high heat. Pour a cup of semovita into a bowl.

Next, add some cool water into the bowl with semovita. Use the wooden spatula to stir the mixture of water and semovita continuously until you obtain a smooth consistency.

Check the pot of boiling water. When it reaches boiling point, reduce the heat intensity to medium.

The next step will be to pour the consistent mixture of water and semovita into the boiling water.

Stir for 1 to 2 minutes then allow it to cook on low heat for about a minute.

You will continuously turn and press the semovita to ensure that the texture is neither too hard nor too soft. When cook turn off the cooker.

At this point, the it ready and perfect. It can now drop  on a plate wrap it with clingfilm. For an easy serving, place the serving spoon in some cold water.




2kg x 5