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A Step-by-Step Guide to Cooking Shawa “Bonga” Fish Fillets

Dried Shawa Bonga Shawa Bonga Fillets are a popular and delicious seafood option that offers a unique and rich flavour.Sourced from the abundant waters of the African rivers, these fish are dried and filleted using traditional techniques to preserve their natural taste and nutritional value.Shawa “Bonga fish, is a small freshwater fish found in coastal […]

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Locust Beans: A Nutritious and Versatile Ingredient

Locust Beans for Your African Cuisine Locus beans, also  African locust beans, are a type of legume native to West Africa. These small, brown beans are full of nutritional content and versatile applications in cooking. They are a staple ingredient in West African cuisine for centuries, and are very popular in other part of the […]

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How Does Ijebu Gari Compare to Regular Gari?

Fine Ijebu Gari Ijebu Gari is a popular food item in Nigeria, specifically in the Ijebu region of Ogun State. It is a typeof gari, which is a fine granulated, light-yellow to off-white flour made from cassava tubers. The production process of Ijebu Gari The production process of this Gari involves peeling and washing the […]

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Satisfy your Sweet Tooth with Gourmet Coconut Candy | Order Online

Coconut Candy They are also known as coconut sweet or coconut fudge, is a delightful confectionary treat enjoyed by people around the world. This delectable candy is made from the pulp of mature coconuts, which gives it a rich and creamy texture with a burst of tropical flavour. Preparation of This African Snack To create […]


Your Online African Market | Purchase Traditional African Groceries Effortlessly

African Groceries Online In today’s digital age, the internet has brought immense convenience to our lives. Everything from clothes to electronics can be purchased online with just a few clicks. Similarly, the option to buy African groceries online has gained popularity, allowing individuals to easily access a wide range of authentic African products. In this […]

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Premium Quality Asiko Palm Oil – Healthy Cooking Redefined

Great Asiko Palm Oil The consumption of palm oil is rising everywhere. However, the oil is a bit controversial. For instance, some Palm oil might jeopardize your health. On the other hand, there is an environmental concern. That is why, introducing Asiko Palm Oil is a delicate balance between  sustainability, the environment and health. What […]

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Why Everyone Is Talking about African Roasted Peanuts

African Peanuts Top any list of foods from Africa and you are likely to find peanuts., one way or another. The wonderful thing about these are that there are so many different ways to enjoy them. Raw, roasted or honey-coated… you can even drink a glassful of its juice. There are several species of peanuts […]